About me
I have quite a past of making programs, leading clubs/clans but personally i think X-Force has been the most successful I have been. My favorite color is Blue, My favorite number is 7 (sometimes OVER9000), but most noticablly my favorite letter is X (Obviously you know that). I Support Mineshafter
:D love that program it lets you play minecraft for free. However the latest version may be glitchy. It can get soo annoying sometimes you know i wish i could FIRE MAH LAZOR!!!. Yea i like the Lazor Collection. I also Likes TeamFourStar. Also You cannot compete with SMBZ. Anyway thats pretty much it :D

Club Penguin
For those of you who dont know, I was the owner of Clubpenguintoolbar.webs.com before i came to minecraft. Along with my mods we were on a quest to create a special program to help penguins in need for help. However our goal was never achieved as the Vice President of the website was banned forever. None of us have played Club Penguin since. Of course that was years ago (2010)